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Looking to excel in a specific academic area and need a bit of one-on-one guidance from a reliable professional? Sometimes all it takes to really understand the material is a considerate tutor who knows how to teach at your pace. Having worked with students throughout South Korea since 2014, I bring a depth of cultural understanding, experience and knowledge to those who are eager to expand their minds, talents, and skills. I offer quality, personalized service at affordable prices. Contact me to see how I can be of service to you.



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My lessons are tailored to every student’s needs. I begin each lesson with a warm up to get the learning juices flowing, then continue on to a variety of resources for a quality conversation in English. It’s important to review what’s been covered in previous lessons, so students can expect to go over past material as well as new information in each lesson. Each lesson concludes with a closing exercise, a short discussion about what we accomplished, and, if you would like, some homework for next time! Once a week students can expect an email outlining any feedback discussed in class and new content for our next scheduled class.


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Teaching English isn’t just ingraining grammar and vocabulary into students’ minds to memorize — it’s about providing them with the opportunities to use English in order to express their critical thinking. I believe that successful teaching changes habits, and ultimately improves quality of life. Learning a new language will create new opportunities, it will increase confidence and it could assist in getting a dream job. I offer custom classes to provide any English assistance from job interview preparation to general conversation. I will help you master writing English emails, presenting for work or school and reading aloud. Click one of the links below to schedule a lesson today!

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Editing Service

Do you need an extra set of eyes to review your paper before your morning class? Are you looking for someone to comment and make suggestions on your essay? You're in luck, Learn with Laura offers a full editing service. Just click the button below for rates, send us a message and we can begin! 

On demand editing has never been so easy!

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Tutoring Service

Are you looking for a professional tutor with real life experience to help you improve your English? Laura has been teaching students from all over the world for a number of years. She specializes in general English, business English, TOEFL preparation, interview preparation and much more! 

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Tutoring Service

Are you looking for a business professional to help you with your business English. Learn with Laura now introduces Emma, a business professional specializing in finance and human resources. Emma has been working in human resource and finance since 2009. She has a number of awards and is steadily moving up in her career. Emma understands the difficulty of using a second language, being a language student herself.

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“I was such a nervous student before I began working with Laura! But now I feel I can use English effectively for any situation. I am a confident speaker thanks to Laura and her diverse classes!

Chanae P.


“Laura did an outstanding job providing exceptional lessons. She really helped me expand my vocabulary and kept English a priority for me year round. Laura managed to keep classes interesting and helpful when, with other teachers, I would have been ready to quit. I recommend her to anyone who is serious about speaking like a native.”

Koon S.

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Olivia W.

I have been studying with Laura for nearly a year and a half. Even though I've studied English for a long time I felt I had relatively low confidence. I get little opportunity to speak with native English people and since I am a fairly shy person, when the time came to do so I would freeze!

After I met Laura I felt it was more like meeting my friend, not a teacher. I found it more fun to talk in English and use words I would avoid otherwise. This being said, Laura is also a very strict teacher. She carefully checks my problems and lets me repeat the review in our next class.

Our main topic is business conversation related to my work. I trust her to help me with in-depth reviews on my report & planning material. She listens carefully as I practice how to explain the key points effectively for my presentations and offers valuable feedback to improve.

Laura always has an enormous amount of patience for me and gives relevant and useful directions. She does not focus on only grammar but also manners & expressions in real business situations.

I continue to take Laura’s classes because I trust my teacher very much and I feel I am getting better even if, at times, I feel it is slow. Every class Laura sends me the feedback and comments from our conversation. It shows me that even though I feel I am learning slowly I can see the areas I am improving and where I need to focus my studies.

To anyone wanting to take classes, please remember that language acquisition does not suddenly occur. Honestly, your improvement will directly reflect on the amount of practice and time you put into it. This is essential: you must keep practicing on your own while you are also partaking in classes. Laura will help you stay motivated and offer you challenges but you have to want it and do it!

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I’m here to make the learning process easier for you. Contact me to see how my service can help! If you would like to book a class today please follow the link: https://www.verbling.com/teachers/lauraepilon

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